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SYRIZA's painful trilemma
By George Pagoulatos
The world in which our desires materialize provided we strongly want it is a perfect world. It has only one weakness: it exists in our imagination – and in bad literature.
Truth before the battle
The coalition has lost its sense of direction in the last few months. Exactly where things went off track is not the question at t...
Bending the rules
The flexibility with which laws are implemented has been a fundamental cause for concern in Greece during the post-dictatorship er...
Next-day jitters
It is usual for Greek governments, whether one-party or coalitions (which are normally loath to actually work together), to claim ...
No sweet debt deals
The lion’s share of Greece’s debt is held by European Union member states and the International Monetary Fund. A writedown of the ...
In the danger zone
The geopolitical landscape surrounding Greece is undergoing major changes. Are any serious politicians, diplomats, military person...
Collective discipline
The image being projected by the coalition government these days is very poor indeed. Fearing the political cost of every tough de...
Fear is our worst enemy
Greeks have suffered a great deal over the past few years. The rapid decline in living standards and plummeting disposable incomes...
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Global war
By Nikos Konstandaras
The fight of our times crosses all continents, involves religions, affects every generation, every person on the planet. It is being fought with every means, from ships and warplanes costing hundreds of millions of dollars each to kitchen knives, video cameras and tweets.
Dealing with the SYRIZA virus
By Costas Iordanidis
Antonis Samaras’s statements in Berlin on the one hand herald an amicable divorce with the International Monetary Fund and on the other signal the end of Greece’s dependence on eurozone loans, a prospect that implies a full return to the international markets.
Lakki, architectural gem on island of Leros, finally gets due attention
By Giorgos Lialios
Travel brochures of Leros are usually filled with pictures of Aghia Marina, your typical island village, along with the castle, the churches, the windmills and the island's – rather ordinary – beaches. There are just a handful of references to Lakki, and these are generally understated.
In the danger zone
By Alexis Papachelas
The geopolitical landscape surrounding Greece is undergoing major changes and it's time to analyze the situation before it gets out of hand.
Athens civil society program set to receive 1-million-euro boost
By Nick Barnets
Athens was announced as a top five winner in this year’s Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge. The Greek capital was recognized by the contest as having the best innovative idea for civic engagement.
1. Rosenberg punishes Olympiakos´s errors at Malmoe
2. Terror group link prompts police raids and arrests
3. Samaras to seek confidence vote in bid to rally coalition
4. Attica Bank said to have rejected notable offers
5. PMI index slides anew in September
6. Costa Navarino to host big events
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This Week
1. Air-raid sirens to go off all over Greece at 11 a.m. in drill
2. Mario Draghi to push ECB to buy Greek, Cypriot 'junk' loans: FT
3. Truth before the battle
4. Smallpox decimates sheep stocks in northern Greece
5. Thessaloniki transport gets more expensive
6. Bending the rules
This Week
1. Greece may opt for unusual president to avoid snap polls, Venizelos says
2. Woman allegedly buried alive by accident in northern Greece
3. Salaries in Greece continue to slide, dipping 1.4 pct in Q2
4. Should you bet with Kissinger on where the world is heading?
5. Cypriots divided by 1974 war seek Shariah hub
6. The shocking thought of euro-dollar parity
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