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The past, present and future of the Greek debt crisis
By Costas Karkagiannis
Ex-Deutsche Bank CEO Josef Ackermann outlines where the eurozone got it wrong and right.
The judiciary’s responsibility
The reform efforts over the past few years have begun to bear fruit. Greece has improved its standing in the World Bank’s Doing Bu...
Findings raise eyebrows
An investigation into money transferred to foreign banks by civil servants since 2010, when Greece’s brutal debt crisis erupted, h...
Countering Turkish swagger in the Eastern Mediterranean
Holding Turkey to account for its violation of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea is certainly the first step tha...
Time is running out in Afghanistan
Thirteen years after the attacks on the Twin Towers and NATO's entry into the war in Afghanistan, things remain pretty much unchan...
Cool heads required
It’s time for Athens and Nicosia to deal with the current situation in Cyprus’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), which a Turkish sei...
Obvious reforms
The two parties comprising the coalition government, conservative New Democracy and socialist PASOK, are once again faced with a n...
Survivors’ tales
The number of Greeks who lived through the Second World War, the German occupation and the resistance is inevitably shrinking. Tha...
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Self-opposing coalition
By Pantelis Boukalas
Even though a number of polls see the total percentage of the two ruling parties trailing that of SYRIZA, New Democracy and PASOK are still in government and the leftists in opposition.
Stop moaning and get in the game
By Alexis Papachelas
There are so many people who love spending their days talking about the crisis and proclaiming that they know exactly what needs to be done to solve the country’s problems.
Countering Turkish swagger in the Eastern Mediterranean
By Tom Ellis
Holding Turkey to account for its violation of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea is certainly the first step that Greece and Cyprus must take in response to Turkey's growing assertiveness in the Eastern Mediterranean over the past few weeks.
The vanishing of Greece’s traffic-light children
By Yiannis Papadopoulos
Alban Seriani was 6 when a man knocked on the door of his family home in Korce. The man asked his father whether he could take the young boy to Greece, where he would work at the traffic lights as a beggar, with part of the proceeds being sent to the family.
Silent eloquence
By Vassiliki Kerasta
The fresh sea breeze, the cafes and tavernas lined up in a row, the fishing boats and yachts tied up in the marina, the people strolling on Pera Panta Hill and the beautifully renovated stately homes, compose a setting that is reminiscent of the castle town of Nafplio, but with a more tranquil character.
1. Spanoulis played Zeus for Olympiakos against Neptunas
2. Disposable income of households fell 10.3 pct in one year
3. Banks unhappy with bad loans bill
4. State debtor numbers grew in September
5. Reform plan among conditions
6. Ministry swap halts talk of reshuffle as reforms eyed
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This Week
1. Archaeologists find underground vault at Amphipolis tomb
2. Man shot dead, woman injured in Vathis square attack
3. Cyprus’s Georgiades bets on economy for Irish-style bailout exit
4. Greek retail sales rise for third month in a row
5. Germany’s 10-year bonds decline before euro-area inflation data
6. New defense minister to be appointed without reshuffle
This Week
1. Austria’s creative bookkeeping beats Greece on secret debts
2. End of reason, end of humanity
3. Clean bill of health for Greek banks from stress tests
4. Samaras pledges action after flash floods in Athens
5. Eurobank, National Bank restructurings eliminate capital gap
6. Athens flood damage assessed, compensation payments to begin
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